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Dreadful Still Hell of An Experience!

Its been a while....
I just needed to share one of my experience,  which was dreadful but awesome. Few months ago,  i went to write an exam called COMEDK, because i was thrilled to be in Bangalore.
Everything was going smoother than i thought. Application was filled, amount paid, and all other formalities were over.
And yeah, the date of examination came. I was so excited to visit bangalore. It was more of an enjoyement other than this exam scenario. The journey was damn good, enjoyed a lot and stayed in my cousins house there. Studied a bit, and was ready to attend the exam the very next day. You all know, its essential to dress well and look good, even if its an exam.
The venue was in New Horizon College, and it was an awesome college. Still everything was going smooth. And then when i went to check my name on it,  i found my name, but the rest of the names were full filled with girls name.
Aha.. i was stunned and confused,  how the hell this happened. I checked my application,  …