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Moments turning to be a memory

It was just like a story which we had created were past was history...present is past....and future is present. Sometimes we do forget to turn the pages of history.People always say the we have a long life ahead ,but its completely false....the days are running like horse and the seasons are changing and changing. Sometimes we don't even know how the time is going so fast. We do sleep at least 6 hours but have you noticed ..we don't even feel we slept for 6 hours..
What I am turning the bushes to say is that...each and every single second in our life is to enjoy and not to waste...Its was our sent off yesterday ...didn't even know how we have spend these 12 years in our was 12 long....but now I feel it was too short...
So many amazing wonderful moments...tons and tons of friends , still can't imagine how to live the rest of the lifw without them...its too hard to think of.
We don't even realize the important of the events which we had enjoyed was jus…