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just like waving a wand

My life ... Quite like a tale ...going on .😝
Happiness is following ,but I think it's only half way home ! I do have a wand .....but why the hell am I not waving it . Just a bit of magic....know the spells , tricks ..but not using it . Its all about a swing .Don't know if I can, but still ..I do can try na 😉
Spells for happiness, sadness.... And more , but I am in a mood of having a revenge. Which I will , not to all, but just with some one ! Who had been an impurity, an obstacle in my life .Peace and handshaking is not a solution. Its time had been over long ago . Now,its time for a sweet old fashioned revenge. Just a matter of time .... A piece of cake ! That person who took happiness from me .. And in return a bunch a hell awkward memories.Don't even think I am alone ... IF U HAVE AN ARMY ... I HAVE A HULK 😉....
AHA ...ok...coming to the swinging part ... So I have decided to wave my wand with magic, from the bottom of my heart and season it with a smile .
The only …

tribute to the brave martyrs !!!

The beginning of a new year was not so sweet .. but it was sad and heart touching for all Indians,
why does this always happen to the Indians. It happened in Pathankot.
We who is in the direction of peace is being killed .

It touched my heart as Lieutenant Niranjan ..not only an indian,but he was from palakkad home town.
he was a brave soldier.Hats off...and i am still saluting him. In our heart he is the hero.
God will reply for those who betrayed us......those who disturbs us.
As an Indian citizen its our responsibility ..its our right to fight....
And for those who are against ready...that we will fight back.

A tribute of respect to all those who gave their life for our are there still in our hearts ..
Jai Hind !!


         -twilight knight signing off with a salute !!